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Hans Ernst Varner


18 March 1914
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           About Hans Varner
Hans Ernst Varner was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in the year 1914. A former Nazi officer and veteran of World War Two, he is now ninety-four years old and counting. Physically, his appearance is of a man in his mid-thirties. It is only when looking into his eyes that there is a feeling of something off about the man - not anything definable, but a certain uneasy knowledge that all is not as it seems.

Appearance: Tall, athletic, blue-eyed, very Aryan features from an aristocratic background. Well-dressed and well-mannered. He has a slight German accent, and speaks somewhat slowly, words chosen with great care. Occasionally his grammatical structure or word choice is off slightly, as indicative of a non-native speaker.

Personality: Hans keeps a lot of secrets- his immortality, his past history, his war crimes. He can be very dour and unintentionally intimidating at times. He has an old fashioned sense of honor, and is very mannerly and unfailingly polite in most circumstances.

           Skills and Abilities
Immortal (cursed): Hans is doomed to walk the earth until he atones for his war crimes. As he has spent most of the past decades in obscurity and not being particularly helpful to anyone, he's likely a long way to go. As part of the curse, he always sees his own reflection as dressed in his Nazi uniform. When he looks down at his hands, he sees them covered in the blood of his victims.

Regeneration: Hans heals damage faster than normal. His immortality also assures that he will not biologically age.

Special Skills/Abilities: Hans has a very logical mind, and is an excellent chess player. He is educated and well-read, and able to converse on a wide variety of subjects with a degree of eloquence. He is a fairly good shot.

           Early Background
Hans Ernst Varner is the only surviving son of Great War veteran Friedrich Varner and his wife, Hilda (nee Braun) Varner. He had three siblings - Freddi, Bernhard, and Gretchen. Hans's father lost a leg in the war, and was very bitter about Germany's defeat. Hans grew up during the hard times after the war and remembers hardship as being a large part of his youth. His father embraced the tenets of national socialism, and took young Hans along with him to political meetings and speeches. Tired of his father's oppressive nature and this strong political tide, Hans ran away from home at 15 and lost himself in the decedent world of Berlin. He began frequenting cabarets and exploring his sexuality - finding that he preferred the company of other men.

As the tide turned against open sexuality and exploration in 1933, Hans became secretive about his lifestyle, eventually returning to his family's home. At his father's urging, he (at least outwardly) embraced the new regime. With his father's reputation and his strong Aryan heritage, Hans was a good candidate for the SS. Hans saw his first major combat in the 1939 invasion of Poland. Due to his performance in battle (and likely a bit of pushing from his father), he was promoted to the minor rank of Untersturmführer and assigned to occupied France where he was working as a glorified secretary for the Obersturmführer.

Hans was promoted to the rank of Sturmbannführer by area commander Oberstgruppenführer Stossel. He was now in more direct command - something he came to regret.

For a period of about six months, he had an Occitan lover named Marie-Pierre Duclos who worked as a spy for both sides. Marie-Pierre disappeared without warning, and shortly after, Hans was shot.

After his recovery, he lost his position in Paris and was transferred to Dachau where he finished out the rest of the war losing his humanity in the unspeakable acts that he witnessed and took part in. As it became clear that Germany was losing the war, he escaped to South America under a false identity.

He began to realize that something was wrong the first time he saw his reflection - he still saw himself in uniform, his hands red with the blood of his victims. He began to comprehend the enormity of it when the years ticked by and he grew no older in outward appearance....

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